It was always the dream of these local Catholics to have a chapel, a place to pray and worship together. For where they live, in the parish of Saint Francis de Sales in Thynri in southeast India, the priests can only visit three, maybe four times a year. The mountains and the torrential monsoon rains make the roads all but impassable from May to October.

Indeed, that made their dream seem more remote than ever. But thanks to your help, Father Antony Kattathara writes, the people were able to buy the necessary materials and ‘everyone joined in’. And so the chapel was finished and consecrated in good time, before the monsoon rains.

‘Now it is the heart of the village, the centre of their life. Every Sunday the whole village comes together to sing and praise God.’ Father Antony thanks you all, on behalf of the whole community: ‘They cannot read or write, but they have a strong faith.’ And all the stronger now, thanks to their dream fulfilled in concrete reality.

This article can be found in Mirror 0516.