How many thoughts, emotions and devotions this little prayer book must have inspired by now! For over 60 years it has been used by the students and priests here at the seminary of St. Teresa in Taunggyi, Burma (Myanmar).

But now it is slowly falling apart (see photo), the binding disintegrating, pages already lost here and there – and besides, there aren’t enough copies to go round. To say it is ‘well worn’ would be something of an understatement!

As for the prayers inside, of course a prayer book never truly becomes obsolete, since every prayer reflects the light of eternity. But there are many new and beautiful prayers, many new devotions as well. The seminarians have already compiled and arranged some of these and now they plan to print them in a new prayer book.

Thus this new booklet will also serve for many decades, guiding their prayers and opening their hearts to God. Your fraternal generosity is helping cover the cost of printing this little manual.

This article can be found in Mirror 0117.