ACN Masses

In many developing countries in the world priests earn very little and are often almost completely dependent on Mass stipends from abroad. 

In order to support priests in their service, and as an expression of their gratitude, the Catholic faithful have since the earliest Christian times given them Mass offerings – in other words, they have asked the priest to celebrate Holy Mass for a particular intention and in return give him money or another small gift in kind.  In no sense is this a matter of ‘paying’ for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but rather of showing that we, as Christians, wish to thank and support those who bring Christ to us.

ACN has created a new range of Mass Card that are available from our offices now. These beautiful Mass cards are both traditional and contemporary. The outside based on an altar with an embossed frame with a gold foil surround. The inside is classic yet modern.

Mass Cards are available for all occasions. You can see a sample of our collection below and we can create customised mass cards on request.

Your general Gift of Faith can help to teach and form the priests of tomorrow; ensuring that whatever hardships and sufferings may beset Christians peoples, they will always receive spiritual strength through the sacraments. 



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