The bishop from Sudan wiped away a tear. He found it too painful to witness the way some of his priests have to live – poor, lonely and overworked.

He is not the only bishop to have been forced to watch helplessly as his priests wear themselves out to the point of exhaustion because of sheer lack of resources. It is on their behalf that he has turned to us. His priests need times of shared silence, of fraternal prayer.

The souls of these priests need an opportunity to refresh themselves, and not only spiritually. It refreshes them and gives them renewed strength to exchange their experiences and open their hearts to each other. For precisely the same reason, another bishop, Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku of the Democratic Republic of Congo, asks us to help his 41 priests to go on retreat together. Given the disruption of war and the poor roads, some can only get there by air, while others come from overwhelmingly Islamic areas.

Bishop Sosthène Bayemi from Cameroon, is hoping to reawaken the spirit of vocation, the first love of his priests, by means of shared study days. All these things can and will happen, thanks to you.

This article can be found in Mirror 0713.