Wherever you find the Church lives, you find her on the move. Whether on two wheels or four; with or without a motor; by canoe, by boat, by bus. And it is your loving generosity that keeps her mission of love afloat.

Last year you helped with 576 projects to spread the Good News. Once again this year, this Gospel message must be taken across mountain, water and wasteland. Often little is needed – some diesel for an outboard motor, a bicycle in Africa, a moped in Asia, a car in Eastern Europe.

In Sierra Leone – devastated last year by the terrible scourge of Ebola – Father Joe Sandy needs an outboard motor, so that he can bring the Sacraments to the parishes of St Patrick and St Ambrose on the Shebro Islands, just off the coast.

In Madagascar they need five motorbikes for five priests, who are looking after outlying parishes far away from their main parish centres – if we did not help, people would not see a priest. In the diocese of Alto Solimoes, in the Amazon region of Brazil, they need two outboard motors for the Capuchin Fathers who minister to more than 60 riverside communities.

In Ukraine they need a minibus for the seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Vorzel, near Kiev. The seminary currently has 37 students living and studying there, who have a burning desire to bring something of the love of Christ to this suffering land. And in Palestine a small car is needed for Father Mansour Mattosha, a Syrian Catholic priest who is struggling to care for his widely scattered flock.

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