The Doctor of the Church Saint Teresa of Avila, who was born 500 years ago, once said: ‘We should not build towers without foundations, for the Lord looks not so much on the magnitude of the work but rather on the love with which it was done.’

You can’t get much higher than the little community of Our Lady of the Incarnation in the diocese of El Alto in Bolivia, which stands at an altitude of 12,500 feet (3800 m). Yet their ‘tower’ project is certainly built on a solid foundation, for this little community in the Andes has been longing and praying for years now for a chapel to serve the local mountain people, a place where the Sacrament of Love can find a worthy home, close to heaven and where the other sacraments can also be received.

Life is hard, here in the mountains; it is no place for great and showy works. But their dearest wish is to be able to share in Holy Mass each Sunday, to be able to confess, celebrate baptisms and weddings here, instead of having to make the laborious journey once a month, down to the church in the valley there.

For the old people in particular, it is not even possible at times. There are 80 families here, with over 240 children. They need our help. We have promised them to help.

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