And the Word became flesh’, we read in Saint John’s Gospel. This is a Word with hands and feet, who lives and gives life. And brings light and healing to every corner of the world.

There is no place where this Word cannot work. Those working in the prison apostolate in Brazil have seen it for themselves. ‘Love never fails’, says Father Valdir João. ‘Loving concern and respect always succeed, even though it sometimes doesn’t seem that way.’ And Father Valdir knows what he’s talking about, for he coordinates the prison outreach in São Paulo. The Brazilian prisons are truly on the fringe of society, places without hope. But the Good News of the Gospel brings many prisoners a glimmer of light, of inner freedom.

And these conversions do happen behind bars. One little thing that helps the pastoral visitors in their work is the magazine Mundo e Missão. The stories in it touch the hearts of many inmates. One of them writes, ‘I thank God when this magazine arrives. I pray with every page.’ 

Another says thank you for the ‘tough report about the prisons. It is all true; we are living it’. The prisoners can’t afford to subscribe, so you are helping, so that Father Valdir and the other pastoral visitors can pay for 250 copies. Sadly, it is little more than a drop in the ocean among the 600,000 prisoners in the system, even though every copy passes through a dozen hands.

But each issue brings light into these dark corners, each word does its work, sowing seeds of healing and salvation.

This article can be found in Mirror 0617.