Since 2004, a community of Polish nuns, the Dominican Sisters of Jesus and Mary, has been working in Russia. Two of the nuns are working in two Catholic parishes in central Russia, one in the town of Orjol, where the Sisters also have their convent, and the other in Brjansk. The two towns are about 85 miles apart, so the Sisters have to travel a long way in order to fulfill their apostolate.

The Sisters are involved in many different tasks – organizing retreats, visiting the sick and taking them Holy Communion, maintaining and caring for the churches in the two parishes, playing the organ and conducting Liturgies of the Word in the absence of the priest.

Other Sisters from this congregation have now also established a house in Voronesh, so the Sisters from Orjol have been called on to support their new fellow Sisters in their work. But this involves a long journey: 250 miles, or five hours by car. Other forms of transportation take even longer and are much more complicated and expensive. But the old car the Sisters have been using is causing more and more problems and becoming more of a hindrance than a help, partly because it does not meet the Russian environmental norms and so is becoming increasingly expensive to maintain as a result.

Now the Sisters need to purchase a new car, which will make life much easier for them and better able them to carry out their work of service. The Dominican Sisters get no wages but do everything for the love of God. They have no other source of income but what the congregation and the charity of kind people can supply. They have just about enough to manage daily on their very modest lifestyle, but they cannot even dream of buying a new car.

The Sisters are counting on the kindness of ACN benefactors, and we have promised to help.

Please help us fulfill our promise to provide these Dominican Sisters with the transport they need for their great work in Russia: You will be remembered in their grateful prayers.