‘Hope’ is a word often on our lips.

  • I hope this happens in the future.
  • I hope this or that situation turns out well.
  • I hope my friend feels better soon.

We have many hopes of greater or lesser importance. In the words of Benedict:

‘Day by day, man experiences many greater or lesser hopes, different in kind according to the different periods of his life. Sometimes one of these hopes may appear to be totally satisfying without any need for other hopes. 

Young people can have the hope of a great and fully satisfying love; the hope of a certain position in their profession, or of some success that will prove decisive for the rest of their lives. 

When these hopes are fulfilled, however, it becomes clear that they were not,in reality, the whole. It becomes evident that man has need of a hope that goes further. It becomes clear that only something infinite will suffice for him, something that will always be more than he can ever attain.’1

Pope Benedict is concerned with hopes of all different kinds, but he focuses particular attention on the greatest Hope that we can have, the Hope of Eternal Happiness.

All of our small hopes are geared to a bigger hope, the Hope of Happiness, and most of all the Hope of Perfect Happiness.


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