‘Listen to this advice: don’t let the sun set without making peace. Peace is renewed each day in the family!’ (Cf. Ephesians 4:26)

In Espinal, Colombia they take this advice from Pope Francis very seriously. Reconciliation within the family, communication among couples, faithfulness and consideration – all these things have to be learnt, and the best way to teach them, as always, is through living examples and exchanging personal experiences. That is why Bishop Pablo Salas Anteliz has established a programme for training married couples, so that they in turn can support other couples and witness to the spirit of love within Christian marriage. The programme includes courses, meetings and weekends of shared living.

By now 15 couples have completed their training and many other young couples are interested. ‘The family is the source of peace for the family of mankind’ wrote Pope John Paul II for the Year of the Family in 1994. Peace in our societies begins with peace in marriage. We have promised Bishop Pablo our support for the teaching materials, travel and accommodation costs for these weekends: it is a small investment for the upholding of peace within families.

This article can be found in Mirror 0214.