Thanks to the 1.5 million Mass stipends collected around the world, every minute nearly three Masses are celebrated for the intentions of the benefactors of ACN.

Even in Syria, in the suffering city of Homs, they have continued to celebrate Holy Mass daily, often to the sound of falling shells. They keep in mind the words of the holy Curé of Ars,

‘It is not necessary to speak much in order to pray well… We know that Jesus is there… Come to Holy Communion; come to Jesus. Come, to live from Him, so that you may live with Him.’ 

And Syriac Catholic Archbishop Philippe Barakat of Homs writes with gratitude, ‘How greatly these Mass stipends help us to survive as Christians. Above all now that our already poor diocese has been bled dry. The needs of our priests and faithful cry out to heaven. We beg you, pray for peace!’

This year we sent 1,020 Mass stipends to Homs, as well as 935 to Multan, in Pakistan, 3,500 to the diocese of Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine, and hundreds of thousands to Africa. Recently, a priest in France left all his possessions in his will to provide Mass stipends for other priests around the world.

He had understood what Jean Marie Vianney taught: without the sacrament of ordination, without priests, the Church would be no more than a humanitarian charity. It is our priests who transform it into the Body of Christ; hence they are ‘one of the most precious gifts of divine Mercy’. Your Mass stipends are a form of thanksgiving for this great gift. So let us be generous with our Mass offerings!

This article can be found in Mirror 0717.