Jesus himself was a man from the periphery, from that Galilee far from the power centres of the Roman Empire… Yet his word was… the start of a spiritual and human revolution, the Good News of a Lord who died and rose for us. And we want to share this treasure!

Pope Francis wastes no opportunity reminding the Church, reminding us all, of our missionary vocation. Sharing the treasure of the Good News means, more often than not, sharing the grinding poverty at the peripheries of society.

The Sisters of the congregation of the Misioneras de Jesus Verbo y Victima (Missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim) do just this in areas where there is a shortage of priests. Places like Guasimal in Cuba, where five Sisters of the congregation minister to 30 remote rural villages. For decades now, the hostile, anti-Christian communist regime has sown the seeds of poverty and despair, and now the sects are springing up everywhere, finding an easy prey in suffering souls thirsting for God. There is also the devastating plague of alcohol.

The five Sisters of the congregation are bringing the light of the Gospel to this area and to the 9,000 souls waiting for them. They are constantly on the road, covering the journeys of over 20 km between the villages in a 25-year-old minibus. They are aflame with the love of Christ. But they have no way of supporting themselves financially in this impoverished area, and as a young congregation they have no financial reserves either.

Mother Maria Veronica has asked our help for the cost of food, clothing, water and electric power so that ‘the joy of the Gospel may reach to the ends of the earth, illuminating even the fringes of our world’ 1  including those on the fringes of Cuba.


1 Evangelii gaudium,288

This article can be found in Mirror 0617.