They come from the ends of the earth. But without your help, many of them would not make it to the World Youth Day in Cracow.

Young people from the Middle East are particularly dependent on help to get to WYD and ACN is there to help. 25 young Syriac-rite Catholics and the 65 Coptic Catholics from Egypt, the 22 young Syrians, and the 30 young Roman Catholics from South Sudan, as well as the young people from Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Uruguay and Ecuador – to mention just some of them.

When in Cracow young people will have frequent opportunity to across ACN in Cracow, whether in the pilgrim’s handbook or in the youth catechism YOUCAT.

Now too, thanks to your generosity, there will also be the DOCAT – a compendium of the Church’s social teaching and a course in mercy, applied to society, written and presented with young people in mind.

‘Blessed are the merciful’, for they shall have mercy shown to them (cf Mt 5:7) – So runs the slogan for Cracow. That means putting mercy in to action.

So, the message for Cracow is precisely what Jesus said to Sister Faustina: ‘I give you three ways of showing mercy to your neighbour – 

  • first by deed
  • second by word and 
  • third by prayer.

In these three acts is contained the fullness of mercy.’ 

Word, prayer and deed – this is a call to us as well.

This article can be found in Mirror 0516.