Dearest brothers and sisters, let us free ourselves from all ties to sin, so that our lives, as deeply united with Christ, may reflect His presence in the world and that in this way, our kindness as ‘known to all’ may be the guiding principle and the driving force of our apostolate.

Also let us as Christ’s Church respond with unity and purpose to the terrible attack on marriage and the family which has been unleashed worldwide as the final assault by the Evil One.

As a letter from Sister Lúcia do Santos of Fatima clearly indicates, the Devil’s final attack will be directed towards the family, at that natural institution which was willed by the Creator, who created ‘male and female’ and ordered them to ‘be fertile and multiply’.9

From both a cultural and a juridical perspective this violent attack upon the family has no precedent and in it, the dragon of Revelation (i.e. the devil) is seeking the realisation of anti-creation.

The Devil wants to be the anti-Creator by convincing mankind that anti-creation can be more beautiful, more enjoyable, and ultimately better than what God has created.

What is anti-creation?

God created man in his image and likeness and placed him in that unmistakable two-as-one relationship between man and woman, which is the essential basis of life.

The devil, for his part in his anti-creation, wants to destroy man by drowning him in the culture of death. Not content only with this, Satan wants to destroy the ‘place’ where this life vibrates, is transmitted and is formed: the family.

The anti-creation that is taking place in the suppression of life is being echoed in the anti-creation that is being realised in the cultural destruction of the family.

Here today at Fatima, fulfilling God’s Will, discerning the Signs of the Times, means for us to resist! Resist with the strength of Faith and Charity!

We are convinced that nothing is more prophetic, more modern, more counter-cultural than defending life, family, education, in the knowledge that today these are the real emergencies.

Dear friends, the day will come when the world will thank the Church for fearlessly and uncompromisingly defending Life, the Family and Civilisation itself.


Adapted and Edited from Cardinal Piacenza’s homily given on Wednesday 13 September 2017 at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima during ACN’s international pilgrimage to mark the centenary of the apparitions at Fatima and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Aid to the Church in Need
9 Gen 1:27-28,

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