Preparing to Evangelise

If we wish to introduce people to Jesus, we need to stay close to Him ourselves and make ensure that our own faith is being nurtured. So it is necessary to…

  • Spend time in prayer daily
  • Read the Bible daily (for example the Gospel reading for the day)
  • Receive the Sacraments
  • Fast periodically
  • Participate in a small Christian community such as a parish prayer and/ or Bible study group.
  • Attend events, talks or courses to deepen yourChristian faith
  • Read Catholic literature: magazines, books, or newspapers

Everyday Evangelising in the Home

  • Pray grace before and after meals
  • Proudly display symbols of our faith in your home and on your person
  • Celebrate Church feast days, like the Feast of St Peter and St Paul , and your family feast days, like the days of the saints you are named after
  • Read together from the Bible at least occasionally
  • Discuss the morality of a TV show, or issues raised by news items.

Everyday Evangelisation in the Workplace

  • Transact all business dealings honestly
  • Respect others’ religious beliefs
  • Pray before making decisions
  • Offer to pray for a co-worker who has shared some personal concerns
  • Be ready to talk about the part Jesus plays in your life, and to be open about your Catholic faith (wear your Ash Wednesday ashes to work for example)
  • Spend time with co-workers who share your Christian beliefs.
  • Look for opportunities to pray together

Everyday Evangelising in the Parish

  • Periodically sit in a different place in church and exchange names with those around you
  • Pray for parish leaders and for each other
  • Be gracious in the car park
  • Get involved in events and activities, if only on a small scale
  • Invite friends who aren’t Catholic to parish events

Everyday Evangelising for those Experiencing Stress

  • Give ongoing support by offering a listening presence
  • Send a Mass card or a card of care and concern
  • Offer to pray with and for the person
  • Seek out agencies that can support them in their needs

Everyday Evangelising in all Situations

  • Respond with ‘Thank God’ when someone shares good news with you
  • Wear a cross or other symbol of your faith
  • Be ready for opportunities to share a story of how God works in your life
  • Ask people to pray for your intentions
  • Invite to church those who have no faith community
  • Make the sign of the cross when dining out
  • Share a smile and personal greeting
  • Share with neighbours about your parish
  • Without being a nuisance or a litter bug, leave religious materials in unexpected places

Trust in the Holy Spirit and be Courageous

Just as the Holy Spirit empowered the early Church to share the Good News about Jesus, He remains the ‘principal agent of evangelisation,’1 and He will inspire us with the right words at the right time.

Don’t get discouraged when challenges come – sometimes we are simply sowing a seed that may not come to fruition until years later. Scatter the seed and leave the rest to God.

Remember Jesus is Faithful

Jesus said: ‘If anyone declares himself for me in the presence of human beings, the Son of man will declare Himself for him in the presence of God’s angels.’ 2

Adapted from, ‘Everyday Evangelising for Everyday Catholics – a practical guide’ produced in 2010 by the Home Mission Desk of the Catholics Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
1 EN 75    2 Luke 12:8

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