Every year up to 1000 priests are ordained in India. They belong to 172 dioceses and serve in over 10,000 different parishes.

The number of seminarians is also growing, today there are over 15,000. But the poorest diocese, Buxar, has only 10. It is in its early days, it was only founded in 2006.

It has 15 parishes and three mission stations, and the 15 diocesan priests minister to some 25,000 Catholic faithful. All the Catholics belong to the very lowest caste – the Dalits – and live scattered in the villages out in the countryside.

It is there that these young seminarians will be working, after their ordination, helping the people. They are looking forward to it.

We have promised to support their seminary training. They ask for so little – and yet they have no one else who can help them.

This article can be found in Mirror 0318.