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Making a gift to a charity in your will is a very special token of expressing the values and interests you have held dear during your life.

By leaving a gift to Aid to the Church in Need in your Will, you will be leaving a legacy of faith to help the suffering Church around the world and to help keep the light of Christ’s love alight for all generations to come.

Thanks to your generous bequest, Aid to the Church in Need can: 

  • Support more than 15,000 seminarians each year on their path to the priesthood 
  • Provide Mass stipends to priests ministering to needy Christians around the world 
  • Build and repair churches and chapels where they are most needed 
  • Help priests and Sisters travel thousands of miles in their ministry – by bicycle, car, boat and even donkey 
  • Sustain the prayerful life of religious Sisters who bring Christ’s charity to the needy 
  • Teach the Good News using Aid to the Church in Need’s Child’s Bible, printed in more than 170 languages 
  • Proclaim the Word of God by supporting catechetical work and publication 

In thanks for these special gifts of faith, a proportion of each bequest is used for Masses for the soul of the deceased. These Masses are offered by priests around the world who commend the soul of the deceased to Almighty God when they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Where possible, the priests chosen to say these Masses are themselves living amongst the poorest communities and the Mass Stipends they receive are a lifeline, helping them with the basics of life. 

If you would like further information about making a Will and including a gift to Aid to the Church in Need or would like to discuss in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact: Marian, Anne or Claire at our office in Glasnevin on 01 837 7516. 

ACN Masses

In many developing countries in the world priests earn very little and are often almost completely dependent on Mass stipends from abroad.

In order to support priests in their service, and as an expression of their gratitude, the Catholic faithful have since the earliest Christian times given them Mass offerings – in other words, they have asked the priest to celebrate Holy Mass for a particular intention and in return give him money or another small gift in kind. 

Please call Marian, Anne or Claire at our offices in Glasnevin on 01 837 7516 for more information or fill out our contact form below to make a request.

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Your general Gift of Faith can help to teach and form the priests of tomorrow; ensuring that whatever hardships and sufferings may beset Christians peoples, they will always receive spiritual strength through the sacraments. 

Host a Fundraiser

Can you help us? There are many different ways in which you might like to help ACN fundraise so that our work can continue to help suffering and persecuted Christians throughout the world. 

Table Quizzes, Sponsored walks, Marathons or Concerts are all popular ways for supporters to fundraise for ACN.   

We have a number of dedicated events and fundraising team members who can support and advise you in organising and hosting your event. 

Getting Started: 

You can download your fundraising pack here