‘Oh, how great is the priest! If he understood himself, he would die… God obeys him. He utters two sentences, and at his word the Lord descends from heaven and encloses Himself in a tiny host.’

Jean Marie Vianney, the holy Curé of Ars, lived out the priestly mystery to the point of physical exhaustion. He spent countless hours in the confessional, often up to 16 hours a day. Right up to the end he sought to bring heaven and earth together through forgiveness and the Blessed Eucharist. He is the patron saint and pattern of all priests.

Ramón Moya also wants to offer up his life for others. He has spinal cancer, and following surgery is now undergoing chemotherapy. But he continues to celebrate the Holy Mass. And thanks to your Mass stipends, he is able to pay for his medication. This is exceptionally difficult in Venezuela today. The country is in chaos. Until now ACN has not been asked for too much help. But now there are food shortages, and medicine is practically unobtainable. Sometimes they don’t even have a chapel to celebrate in.

Father Milton Correa celebrates Holy Mass in the street, in a small town on Margarita Island, and the faithful kneel reverently in the dust when he elevates the Host. A sharp contrast to the violence in the country. He also thanks you for your Mass stipends, which help him to survive and continue his ministry.

Your offerings are a source of hope for the 14 priests in Margarita, once a tourist paradise but now utterly impoverished. You are helping these priests with your stipends and they in turn are using them to help the poorest in their parishes.

This article can be found in Mirror 0717.