‘The Church places her motherhood at the service of children and their families. To parents and children of this world of ours, she bears the blessing of God.’ Pope Francis

This is how we can also see the summer camps and youth days that Mother Church regularly organises in so many countries. In Romania this year, the National Youth Day was a great event drawing young people from the Greek Catholic and Armenian Catholic Churches – which are in full communion with Rome – as well as Latin Rite Catholics. For thousands of young people this event has marked a turning point in their lives. ACN has helped.

In Ethiopia, 120 young people are participating in a great spiritual event which goes on until this September. 20 youngsters are involved in full, week-long retreats, while the rest are taking part in summer camps run by the Community of Saint John.

In each case, the objective is to deepen their personal relationship with God. Two years ago the Brothers of St. John started a youth camp with just a small group of teenagers. On their return to the capital, Addis Ababa, the young people told their friends of the joy that filled their hearts.

Now the Community of St. John is having to manage a storm of enthusiasm for Christ – and that is why they are seeking our help. They are filled with joy and gratitude, but at the same time this blessing of God is stretching them to the limits of their financial and physical resources.

We have promised them our support, as we want this blessing to continue to fill the hearts of the young people in the summer camps, and their friends.

This article can be found in Mirror 0615.