According to the World Health Organisation, Papua New Guinea has the highest road accident rate in the Pacific region.

This is partly because of the roads which in most cases are very poor. Many people travel in dangerously overcrowded and unsafe conditions in the back of lorries and pickup trucks. For these small trucks are cheaper to buy than a minibus.

The Good Shepherd Seminary in Banz also has a truck. At present the seminary has 35 students and 15 will join them this year. There are too many to fit in the back of the truck and in any case the pickup is on its last legs.

You cannot make savings and put people’s lives at risk in the process; they need our help for a minibus for the seminarians and the teaching staff. The new vehicle would be especially useful for taking groups of seminarians to do pastoral work in the more distant parishes. Vehicles are expensive in Papua New Guinea. We have promised them help for life is precious, as indeed are priestly vocations too.

This article can be found in Mirror 0118.