The rising number of seminarians in the ‘Regina Pacis’ seminary in Butembi, (DR Congo) inevitably raises the question, ‘Where are we to find bread to feed them all?’ (cf Mk 8:4).

In actual fact, the seminarians themselves provide for the ‘multiplication of the loaves’ in this case. For they sow and till the fields and raise goats and sheep, providing cabbages, carrots, potatoes, bananas and beans, milk, wool and even meat – once a week. It is just enough to feed the 67 seminarians and their professors. But of course, even planting their own crops and raising their own livestock has a financial cost.

For example, two shepherds are needed to look after the small flock of sheep, and from time to time the services of a vet are needed. To say nothing of the seed for the sowing and the irrigation of the crops. But in an unstable region like the DR Congo they also give independence and guarantee the continuing studies of the seminarians. And so the seed of the Word can likewise fall here, quite literally, on fertile soil.

Many applicants continue to knock on the door. So now the bishop and the rector of the seminary need to extend the building, so that all who have a genuine vocation can take their place at table in the seminary, in the refectory and in the classroom.

We have promised a contribution to help the bishop and the rector prepare these young men to be effective as missionaries of God’s mercy and His joy.

This article can be found in Mirror 0116.