To invigorate the efforts of all Catholics in passing on the Faith and to arouse in them a spirit of generous sacrifice on behalf of their persecuted and suffering sisters and brothers.

Defend the persecuted Church

Our foremost task is to stand by those who suffer violence and repression for the sake of their Catholic faith. No viable and appropriate request of a persecuted Church should go unanswered.

Strengthen the oppressed Church

Wherever the Church suffers the effects of violent oppression or is hindered in the exercise of Her ministry by extreme poverty, we help in Her mission of proclaiming the Faith.

Refresh the Church in “donor countries”

By venerating the testimonies of modern Martyrs and by promoting a spirit of Christian solidarity with the suffering Church, we hope to inspire and encourage existing and potential benefactors to participate more actively in the life of their local Church.

Win new benefactors

To achieve these goals, we constantly strive to enlarge our family of benefactors.