In the city of Homs the Daughters of the Mother of Mercy are really living up to their name.

The fighting has ceased in the city. But the town still looks like a battle site. The Syriac Catholic Sisters’ convent was among the destroyed buildings. So they have moved to Zaidal, a suburb of Homs where there is a large Christian community. And their presence is desperately needed here.

They care for everyone, giving catechetical instruction, helping in the hospital, visiting the elderly and lonely, caring for the families.

They want Zaidal to be a place of mercy, a place where in showing God’s love and mercy in Homs Christians no longer need to live in fear. But who will care for the Sisters themselves?

Where will they live and pray in peace?

The three Syriac Sisters found a flat to live in, and took a loan so that they could buy it. But now they need our help, as what they really need is a house so they can expand their activities. The flat was just a first step to develop their work.

We have promised them help, and  we must respond to the merciful love they are showing to others.

This article can be found in Mirror 0218.