In the prelature of Ayaviri, in Peru one child in every five is chronically undernourished, while four out of five adults cannot read or write.

The average monthly income here for a family of five children is around 45 Euros, while life expectancy is seven years less than in other regions of Peru. Such is the situation in the prelature of Ayaviri.

But the Faith is growing. More and more people, including many young people, are coming to the Masses in the 32 parishes, and the number of vocations is also growing. These are the little children to whom God reveals what he hides from so many of the wise and prudent (Cf Mt 11:25 and Lk 10:21).

Here, in the prelature of the little children, live the four sisters of the enclosed congregation of the Holy Trinity Sisters. Their prayer is like a spiritual wellspring, helping to render the prelature so fertile. They have another four younger sisters still undergoing their formation.

They aim to support themselves through their ‘liturgical workshop’, in which they make vestments and other liturgical furnishings. One of the sisters does all the embroidery – all by hand. With the help of an embroidery machine things would be much quicker and the sisters would be able to better address the growing demands upon them resulting from these new vocations.

The prelature itself is unable to help them purchase such a machine, since it is too poor. We have promised to help them – for the beauty of the Faith in Ayaviri.

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