• Pray when we awake – Praying with our family in the morning, for example the ‘Morning Offering’, means that though each person may head their separate ways for the day, with some to work and others to school, we remain united in prayer with the Lord who provides us with strength for the day that lies ahead of us.
  • Pray in the car – Family car journeys can be fraught and the temptation for parents can be to simply give children an electronic device to distract them. Yet to pray for a safe journey and to be considerate of others (on the road and in life) are important lifelong habits to foster within the young. For example, in the journey to and from Mass on Sunday, the family Rosary can be prayed or devotional music played on the radio.
  • Pray before meals – Giving thanks to God before meals acknowledges His generosity and reminds us of how often the dinner table featured prominently in Christ’s ministry – especially at the Institutions of the Eucharist. We can also remember and pray for those  people who suffer both physical and spiritual hunger.
  • Pray before bedtime –  These prayers, such the ‘O’ Angel of God’, can be worked into family preparation for sleep alongside reading bedtime stories (which can be biblical in nature). We also call to mind those who have no shelter for the night and that our Lord’s first earthly night was spent in a manger.

Dr. Michael Kinsella


Dr. Michael Kinsella is a young father and has the great privilege of instructing his two daughters in the Catholic Faith and being a proud witness to their growth in love and joy at hearing God’s Word. He also teaches and writes on faith, family and ethics.

This article can be found in Mirror 0217.