‘Marriage is the most beautiful thing that God has created.’ 

As he created man and woman in his own image (Gen. 1:27), says Pope Francis. Years before Pope St. John Paul II made similar statements about the dignity of husband and wife at the 1994 Africa Synod.

Anyone who does not understand this dignity should ask about the state of their own marriage, or of the married couples around him. Do they all live like Christians? Do they all understand their vocation as married couples? Do they realise their potential for happiness, or the beauty of their vocation? What is motherhood? What is fatherhood? What about the dignity of women? These and other similar questions are being addressed by the 86 married couples taking part in the ongoing formation courses on the ‘Fullness of marriage and family life’ in six of the dioceses of Zambia. The teaching materials are in Bemba, one of the country’s most spoken local languages. All the participants will return home to pass on the knowledge they have acquired to others in their own and neighbouring parishes.

They will become messengers of the family apostolate, heralds of married love and family harmony. They are the beginning of a movement to promote everything that is beautiful and true, for family life in God – a movement made possible by your generosity.

This article can be found in Mirror 0317.