The trees, the flowers, the herbs, they all grow in silence. The stars, the sun, the moon, they all move in silence. Silence gives us a new perspective on things.’

This silence of which Blessed Mother Teresa speaks is the silence one finds before the Tabernacle. Here things happen within the heart – far from the din of the streets, the crowds, the media. This kind of silence is needed by the children from the poverty striken township of La Cabana in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Drugs, violence, sects – every day children are assailed from all sides, while their families, for the most part, struggle to survive. They have come here from the countryside or from abroad. Many depend on social security.

50 years ago, in the midst of this slum area, the Congregation of Jesus and Mary founded a school. Today it has 850 pupils and their religious formation plays a very important role in these children’s lives. But knowledge is one thing, prayer
is another.

The school wants to build its own chapel – which can at the same time be used by everyone in this troubled part of town – so that this knowledge can take root in the hearts of the children. Only through prayer, by seeking God in the silence of His presence can Faith take root. The multipurpose centre, where Holy Mass is currently celebrated, is not suitable for this, since it lacks an atmosphere of prayer and silence.

Aid to the Church in Need is helping fund the creation of this sacred space in La Cabana, so that all who come can gain a new perspective on their lives?

This article can be found in Mirror 0415.