The Catholic Church Africa is something of a record holder

  • one in every nine priests,
  • one in every four seminarians and
  • one in every six lay Catholics in the world are coming from this continent!

Many of the seminaries are bursting at the seams, and – in contrast to other parts of the world – the number of priests is actually growing year by year.

However, in the Republic of the Congo – also known as Congo Brazzaville – the Catholic faith is only now experiencing a revival. From 1969 to 1991, the country was under a doctrinaire communist regime, and the Church suffered widespread repression and reprisals.

Thankfully, despite the decades of oppression, today approximately one third of the country‘s 5 million inhabitants are Catholics. And despite the fact that the priests in this country often have to live and work in conditions of extreme poverty and in many cases minister to vast territories – vocations are still plentiful.

In the country‘s only major seminary, located in the capital Brazzaville, 83 young men are currently training for the priesthood. Last year, 6 new priests were ordained and 11 seminarians were ordained to the diaconate and themselves now look forward to ordination as priests.

In order to ensure that these future priests receive a sound and solid formation, ACN continues to support the Brazzaville seminary, as it has done for some time. We are going to help so that these 83 young men can continue smoothly on their path to the priesthood.

Please join us in helping these seminarians on their road to the priesthood in the Republic of Congo: you will be remembered in their grateful prayers.