Liberation from addiction is a form of reconciliation with oneself. And it happens in the Fazendas, or ‘Farms of Hope’.

The recipe is a simple one – no substitute drugs, no medication, no psychologists, no nicotine and no alcohol. Instead, a year of practical work in the fields, in the fruit plantations or the factories, together with a life centred on God. All this in seclusion from the world and in community with other drug addicts. The success rate is astonishing – with 84% managing to break with their addiction. By now there have been well over 10,000 of them.

Regular prayer is the sustaining pillar. For its founder, Franciscan Father Hans Stapel, God supplies the strength for healing. He leads people out of the prison of their own addiction and fear, and into a life full of meaning. Many recovering addicts also discover a spiritual vocation. Altogether there are 86 such farms in 15 countries, especially Brazil. The demand is growing, throughout the world, especially since Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the first Fazenda, in Brazil. Liberation comes through grace. Please help us to support these places of hope.

This article can be found in Mirror 0612.