In Algeria, the birthplace of Saint Augustine, there are approximately 5,000 Catholics living today. Algeria, in Northwest Africa, is the largest country in Africa, with an area of almost 930,000 square miles – around one quarter the size of the United States. Close to 97% of its 36.5 million inhabitants are Muslims. The few Christians who live in the country are widely scattered. Moreover, they have to tread very carefully or they will be accused of proselytizing among the Muslim majority.

Father Paul-Elie Cheknoun is a young Algerian priest, ordained in 2016. He grew up in Algeria, though he trained for the priesthood in France. After his ordination, his French bishop sent him to Algeria in response to a request from the Archbishop of Algiers, who needed a priest to serve the Catholic faithful there.

Father Paul has to cover very long distances reach his Catholic faithful. Consequently, he has urgent need of a suitable vehicle. He has turned to ACN to help.

As a Christmas Gift of Faith, please help us help Father Paul purchase a vehicle so that he can reach the faithful in Algeria.

As he wrote to us: “By helping me you will be helping the Christians of Algeria, to whom I have dedicated my life.”