“The essence of our work consists in drying the tears of God wherever He weeps.”

Father Werenfried

Become a Missionary of Joy

You don’t have to travel to a foreign country to help make a difference. God witnesses every small act of charity and sacrifice. There are many ways in which your actions on behalf of the Faith can make a positive difference in the lives of our suffering brothers and sisters.

We need you! Below are just several ways you can help.  Please also consider assisting locally at your parish, helping out at a soup kitchen, or otherwise volunteering within your community. Every act of charity helps to show and share God’s love.

Build Awareness of ACN

You can help raise awareness of the persecution and suffering our brothers and sisters undergo around the world by sharing our mission:

Create more awareness of our mission by distributing ACN’s brochure to your friends, family, and parish.

Invite friends and family over to view one of ACN’s Documentaries exploring the Faith in different regions of the world.

Tell A Friend: Share our Projects In Need, Stories of the Suffering Church and Success Stories with your friends via email.

Share a Child’s Bible with a child, and explain how ACN helps around the world.