Your Mass offerings are also missionary works. This point is made by Father Marcelo of the diocese of Barra in Brazil in his letter thanking ACN. Your sacrifices, he says, liberate the priest from the poverty that makes life a battle for survival – “above all when they are given with such joy as they are by you”, so that ‘we can work all the more to spread the Good News and work to extend the Kingdom of God on earth’. 

Father Joel  for his part deeply appreciates ’the brotherly love that moves you to help and support us’. We have received many other letters from the priests and missionaries of this diocese. And in all of them one can sense their profound joy, despite all the difficulties of their mission, in belonging to a worldwide community of love. All of them express their heartfelt thanks, and all of them will remember you and your intentions at the altar.

This article can be found in Mirror 0716.