Pakistan is a dangerous place for Christians to live. Blasphemy laws and Islamist extremists between them make life difficult.

Nevertheless, many young men still want to become priests. In the seminary of Saint Francis Xavier in Lahore they are preparing to bear witness to the Lord, who has defeated darkness and death. So writes their rector, Father Asif John. But their situation has been made still harder by the fact that the seminary vehicle was involved in a serious crash and is now in constant need of repair.

It is used to buy provisions in the city centre, 20 km away, for the 96 students and the teaching staff, and above all in support of their pastoral work. Small wonder that it struggles on the unmade roads. In truth it is only a matter of time before it breaks down altogether. They would prefer not to wait for that, and in any case the constant repairs are already costing too much. We have promised our help for a new vehicle. That’s a real ray of light for the seminary.

This article can be found in Mirror 0118.