We support projects in over 5,000 communities around the world in an effort to create a world in which Christianity can thrive. 


Our Projects

Since 1947, we have been dedicated to the service of Christians around the world, especially in the places where the need and suffering is greatest. Based in Dublin, we have national offices in over 20 countries which in turn deliver help to over 140 countries around the world.



We help to build churches where the local Christian community simply cannot afford to fund the work themselves. Visible symbols of faith provide an important focal point for community.


We are taking up the challenge of spreading the Gospel message. Utilising every form of media from digital to print to radio and television, supporting projects that communicate God’s word is a key priority for ACN.

supporting pastoral care

We provide essential transportation to serve remote communities where priests and religious are forced to travel hundreds of miles to serve their communities. Your support keeps the sacraments accessible.


In the poorest parts of the world, we are able to rapidly send aid to those in most need thanks to our close relationships with local Church leaders. We provide food, shelter, and medicine to help ease suffering.